Weremoose's Costume Page

This is a page dedicated to the costumes that Lance has made. There have been quite a few. Most of them were made for one of Lance's movies.

Rat and Kangaroo from Tales from the Buchside

One halloween, about seven years ago, my cousins, my sister, and I decided to be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Splinter. (I don't have a picture of us, sorry.) I used the Splinter costume in Tales From the Buchside movie I made four years ago. I also made a kangaroo costume for the movie. Here is a shot of them. (The scene is blueish because they are in a parallel dimension.)

Tanarax the Minotaur

The most recent costume is Tanarax the Minotaur. It is going to be in the new movie, Tales From the Buchside II. I decided to document the construction techniques for this one. There is also a background story on Tanarax.

A close up of Tanarax
Tanarax and Joe Wiggins

Murnel the H'nyr

Find out more about Murnel such as construction and photos.

Gneville the Gnoll

I made Gneville in 2001. I haven't gotten around to getting many pictures of him yet. There is one up there now.

Rorwarr the Wookiee

This is the new costume! Rorwarr is a jedi in training. I'll get more photos of him up there eventually.

Timon Slippers

This isn't a costume, but it could be part of one. I made some Timon slippers that look like Timon's feet. (Or at least they're supposed to.)

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