Weremoose's Art Page

This is Weremoose's collection of transformation art. A Weremoose! by David Schenberger

Noooooooooo! Never taunt your Star Wars action figures. Especially if it's Jar Jar. by Lance Holloway

Here's some of Lance's pathetic attempts at drawing:

Colossal Kangaroo
Colossal Kangaroo (face close-up)
A drawing of Lance surprized when something on the net triggered his transformation
Wiggy's pet nurtax named Garwal
Allan "The Brave" Alligator
Kangaroo?! What happened to wereMOOSE?
A kangaroose. (part kangaroo and part moose)
A draconain
Magical yo-yo
Wearing a special pendant
Preditor or prey? (part moose and velociraptor)
Ark Ark! ("I think I was in the tub too long.")
Joining the ranks of the Battle Droids

Sebulba sequence

Mushu sequence

Check out the Mooseum!

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